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Guerrero Tonda


The paintings in the "Calligraphic City" series are fed by careful observation that for years, wrapped in geometry, have been brewing in the subconscious. This series should not be understood with a narrative character, but rather as a work based on a concept. A calligraphy loaded with geometric structures, which open a range of similarities with the architecture that surrounds us. In this context, a visual swarm of similarities unfolds, in which the viewer can recognize himself with the environment that surrounds him.

I try to reflect, with geometry as an instrument, to discover a reality that goes unnoticed, transforming with signs that become absolute calligraphy and simplicity in form.

The idea in its development is to unify the planning of a habitat and the elements that make it up. The space as a physical-real place, with its uniqueness and characteristics. And on the other hand, the gestural action of writing as a primary act of the human being, in the development of reason and culture.

The entire work must be viewed from the emotional perception.

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