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Christine Bauer

(Wels. Austria-1951)

Christine Bauer has a work based essentially on the material, on the treatment of pure matter. Its aim is to show the effort to extend the meaning of the painting to create a new entity. In this way, sculpture and painting merge into the matter itself.

His work has been exhibited numerous times in his place of origin, as well as abroad. Likewise, during 2018 he carried out an artist residency in the city of Shanghai. However, this is preceded by exhibitions in countries such as the Czech Republic, Japan and Iceland, highlighting his participation with the artist Herbert Egger in the Venice Biennale 2017 with the work 'Earth Place'. In addition, his works are in public collections such as the Art Collection of the upper Austrian state government or the Modern Art Collection of Wörlen - Passau (Germany), among others, as well as various private collections.