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Sergio Rocafort

far from the summit

November 2022


The hobby that any painter professes to his trade has something of religiosity. With an immense faith in the ritual of the practice of painting, one could reach an original vision and even their own creed. This is an idea that responds, in part, to a romantic and individualistic conception of painting that, with a certain aestheticism, can come to recreate itself in the formal resources of representation, searching for the same origins.

This type of attachment is what Sergio Rocafort feels for painting. So much so that, from his first works as a painter, he opted for abstraction, the hardest option, the most ascetic and austere. Here, the filler of the story and the figuration disappears completely and we are left defenseless before the pure form and color.

far from the summit, the collection of paintings that he presents in El Espacio Refugio de Shiras Galería, offers us the addition of the adaptation of the abstraction process to the size of the surface where it develops, a special vigilance for proportion and detail. Smaller format paintings, due to their strong chiaroscuro contrasts and subtle gradients, can suggest the appearance of a small enlarged fragment of a figure or landscape. The pictorial resources of representation taken out of proportion, form without function. A promise of equivalence but which, far from being fulfilled, leaves you with a span of noses, continually moving away from and closer to the surface of the painting in the hope of discovering the trick. But, there isn't, despite the exquisite attention to detail and surface that these paintings demonstrate. The larger ones are even starker, more austere, even more logical within such an absolutely procedural painting.

From this religiosity that Sergio Rocafort professes to painting, from the rite of constant destruction and construction, it is possible to arrive at a type of artistic manifestations that are not sentimental or psychological in nature, but universal and ontological. They are those that exceed the limits of individuality.

Pepe Galindo