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José Saborit

The same sap. Verses, oils, watercolors

The paintings in this exhibition are born very close to the book The same sap. The shared title suggests a dialogue between poetry and paintings.

The poems speak for themselves.

The paintings recovered some initial impulse that moves the paint: paint what moves, what is love, what is beyond us (the experience of seeing), to interrogate the mystery of the living with paint. There remains intense aroma of traditional oil painting: Fillings, turpentine, glazes, long sessions, overlapping layers and accumulated time on the canvas. And the desire to share that reposed taste, slow cooker, with some looks that I appreciate.

Still present the landscape, but not as a description of the external, but as recognition of internally and externally, attempt to double life to that emotion that colors alike experience of contemplation and the picture that recalls, that atmosphere soul, the emotional tone to which Simmel meant by the word Stimmung.

Plant grows presence. The plant resistance. Vegetable heroism (which spoke Octavio Paz in his grammarian Mono). By green habitat -our first home-, and within, can run the same sap. unitive feeling with everything that lives breathes, and especially what is not excessively twisted and complicated by culture distilleries.

Meanwhile, keeps repeating his mantra sea, as few as persistent presence there as the sea. Therefore, always beginning anew, some painted seas trying to show what remains in what changes and what changes in what remains persist. Nothing like the sea, mirror mythical, insists both repeat this paradox that is ours, our identity and our body.

The dialogue between paintings and poems do not want to be explicit and illustrative. It is suggested kinships between what is said by the combinatorics of words and what is shown by combining shapes, textures and colors. This dialogue can be a source of relations intensify perception and therefore visible awareness, knowledge and attitude. Revitalize our visual connection to the living world is a first step out of the darkness.


Galería de arte en valencia Shiras Galería
José Saborit, artista valenciano

The words back. They break
against the blue end of my grammar,
because there is no yesterday
tomorrow or now,
only this succession immemorial
sea ​​mirror before my eyes.

jose saborit arte plástico en Valencia
José Saborit - Shiras Galería

«Todo lo que regresa al mismo espacio
-be touch, step or resonancia-
only one confused
momentos sucesivos.»

José Saborit, artista

You try learning you the lesson
while the light,
before dark.

José Saborit artista valencia
Jose Saborit artista valencia

The fate of the white is yellow:
no yellow solar,
but yellow time.

José Saborit, artista
José Saborit arte Valencia

Detente under the tree, not germinate
at the tender extension of your impatience,
lies within you, blind in your shadow.

Artista Valenciano Jose Saborit
José Saborit, artista valenciano
La misma savia, José Saborit

In the deepest vein is glimpsed
the glowing surprise
eyes open to new ideas,
the first light path,
the only salvation of the labyrinth.

José Saborit arte Valencia
José Saborit artista
José Saborit, Galeria de arte Shiras
Galería de arte en valencia

Righteousness does not exist, the sea ripples
and returns upon itself any way.

Galería de arte en valencia Shiras Galeria

It's time to go and spill,
penetrate the sands
permeable world,
embedded regrow
back to spring
Love in the liquid as it flows.

José Saborit, arte en valencia
Mar olvidado, José Saborit
Shiras Galeria y José Saborit
jose saborit arte plástico en Valencia


Professor of Painting at the UPV and Academician of the Royal Academy of San Carlos de Valencia. From the distant exhibition entitled Far from here (Accompanied by Rosa Martínez-Artero, Circle of Fine Arts in Valencia, 1987), he has made a hundred group exhibitions and collective. Also twenty individual samples (Comte, Punto, Babel, Chrome, La Ribera, Leonarte ...) Among the latest:With air (Centro del Carmen, Valencia, 2008) Further south (IVAM, 2012). His work is in various collections of Spain and other countries.

He has published hundreds of articles, texts for catalogs and a dozen books, among which the trial Rhetoric of Painting(In collaboration with Alberto Carrere, Chair, 2000), and books of poems Salt flower (Pre-texts, 2008), Eternity and a Day(Pre-Textos, 2012) The same sap (Pre-Textos, 2016).

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