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Rosa Torres


(Valencia – 1948)

Rosa Torres, an artist with a long career, from her artistic beginnings together with Equipo Crónica was marked by a highly recognized and personal style with a certain inclination towards natural-themed pop art. During her extensive career, she has defined her language to exorbitant limits, delimiting natural forms with a reduced and marked vision that extracts the essence of reality. Her works often do not have a title and merely transport you to the place, knowing how to capture the essence of light, shape and color.

Rosa Torres has an extensive career, as she participated representing Spain in the 1982 Venice Biennale and has more than 250 exhibitions and a large presence in numerous museums and collections such as: Reina Sofía Art Center, Madrid, Albertina Gabinete Museum Stampa, Vienna; Antonio Pérez Foundation, Cuenca; IVAM, Cabo Mayor Museum, Santander. Drawing Museum of LLares, Huesca; Mural in the Faculties Station of the Valencia Metro; Chase Manhattan Bank, New York; Bank of Valencia; “la Caixa” Foundation, Barcelona; Fund Vital, Kutxa; Victory; Bancaja Foundation; Valencian Community Foundation, Brussels; Community of Madrid Collection, Fran Daurel Foundation, Pueblo Español, Barcelona; Duchess of Alba Collection, Vila Casas Collection, Barcelona, ​​among others.