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Jens Gussek, Anna Lord, Masami Hirohata, Sheila Toledo, Jesse Magee, Christian Schultz, Susanne Kunkel y Verena treasure.

March April. 2019


Reflections is a proposal which has chosen eight international artists whose link is based on research of glass. This exhibition invites us to reflect, inspire and think freely and responsibly diverse social, political and anthropological through the glass material issues.
There are eight artists who meet in the Shiras Gallery to launch issues ranging from the most minimal to the most symbolic and conceptual issues of philosophical thought.
"Reflections" encourages us to break into the innermost silence antagonism to the everyday world known for excess "noise". Possibly a syllogistic confrontation between the worldview and the internal construction of self is actually what unites this eight artists. Incessant duality between what we are, what we want to be, what it is and what you want to do.
A real or imaginary body and spirit prison that deprives us of the essence of being an individual in the world.
Reflexes sees us through the glass material that detachment of the garment with which has been hidden and concealed human culture. Through the fall of ideals and confrontation of oneself.
The exhibition of the work of these eight international artists due to its great ability to manifest social and political life of our time in a very unique and subtle way; the dual reflection of ourselves on the glass.
Sheila Toledo
Police station

Sheila Toledo. Police station