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HORACIO SILVA (Valencia – 1950)


1977 Gallery Vegeta. the palms.
1979 Exhibition Hall of the Diputación de Málaga.
1980 Point Gallery. Valencia.
1981 Luke Gallery. Valencia.
1982 Joaquin Mir Gallery. Palma de Mallorca.
1983 ARCO`83. Madrid.
1986 Figures. Exhibition Hall of the Pension Fund. Valencia.
1987 Galeria Willy Schoots. Eindhoven. Holland.
1991 Paintings. Exhibition Hall Bancaja Cultural Center. Valencia.
1992 Serrano Art Center 141. Madrid.
1994 Rosalia Sender Gallery. Valencia.
1998 Interior Landscapes. Palace of Music. Valencia.
1999 Memories. Luzán Room, Savings Bank of the Immaculate. Saragossa.
2002 Journey notebook. Room of the Royal Shipyards. Valencia.
2003 Travel Notebook II. Isthmus Museum. The Line of the Concepción.Cádiz.
2004 Black/White/Paper. Exhibition Hall of the Rectorate UPV Valencia.
2005 Recent work. Colorelephant Valencia Exhibition Hall.
2006 Horacio Silva in Lametro. SEFV Valencia Exhibition Hall.
2006 Horace Silva. Recent work. Fermin Echauri Gallery. Pamplona
2007 Horacio Silva in Lametro. SEFV Valencia Exhibition Hall.
2007 Anonymous Gallery. Palace of Music. Valencia.
2008 Horacio Silva. paintings. Pickled Art Centre. Beijing. China.
2010 In the path. Museum of the City. Valencia
2011 A hundred meters from the center of the world. Contemporary Art Center.
2012 Work on paper. Onestudio Valencia Art Space.
2013 Recent work. Kir Royal Gallery. Valencia
2013 Gate-22. Kessler-Battaglia Gallery. Valencia.
2013 North Gallery. MDC. Miami, Florida, USA.
2015 Shangri-la. Museum of the Center of Carmen Valencia.
2017 Nature classroom. Shira Gallery. Valencia
2018 North Gallery. MDC. Miami, Florida, USA.
2019 introversions. Shira Gallery. Valencia
2023  Coming soon to Shiras Gallery



1972 Ibiza Biennial.
1974 6 International Art Fair. Berlin. Basel Art Fair 5/74. Basilea
Aurelio Miranda Gallery. Mexico DF Spanish Graphics.
Twenty Rive Gallery. Londres.
1975 Hisspanskie painting, Dwudzlesteso Mekli. Varsovia.
Basel Art Fair 6/75. Basilea.
Camel Award. International Contemporary Graphic Award. Milan.
Contemporary Spanish Art. Palace of Beaux-Arts. Brussels.
9th International Biennial of Art, Milan.
2nd International Art Fair. Paris.
1976 Basel Art Fair 7/76. Basilea.
Fantastic Realism in Spain.
Vienna, Hannover, Essen, Stockholm, Warsaw and Copenhagen.
22 Fiorino Prize. Bienale Internationale de Florence. Florencia.
1977 Basel art fair 8/77. Basilea.
Contemporary Spanish Painting. House of the Americas. Havana.
Spanish reality. Kandinsky Gallery. Madrid.
Visicitudes of the image in Spanish painting. Crucible Gallery. Bilbao.
1978 Spanish painting of the 20th century. Cathay Museum of Art. Taipei.
The Art of Spain. Niavaran Cultural Center. Tehran.
1979 Exhibition Hall of the Diputación de Málaga.
1980 Amnesty International. Parpalló Room. Valencia.
1981 Cultural Exhibition of the Valencian Country. Alcoy.
1982 30 Valencian Artists. City Hall of Valencia.
New Painting From Valencia. New York.
1986 69 Valencian Plastics. Cultural Center of the Villa de Madrid.
1987 Twenty-five years of Spanish Contemporary Art in the Sala Luzán.Zaragoza.
1990 Toyama Now '90. Toyama Museum of Modern Art. Japan.
1993 Meetings in the Zócalo. National School of Plastic Arts.
U.N.A.M. México.
1994 Portraits of Music. (Palace of Music).
International Art Fair. Toulouse. France.
Contemporary Art Fund. UPV Centro del Carmen. Valencia.
1996 Independent from the Godella Academy. (Valencia).
1997 Heterogeneous Miami. ( USA) Querátaro, Cadereita, (Mexico).
Antigua, (Guatemala).
1998 Hiroshima, Message between the Peoples. Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia.
From the Mateu Room. Royal Shipyards of Valencia.
Milan International Art Fair.
Valencia in Albuquerque. USA
Exhibit Hall University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. USA
2004 Fundamental rights and public liberty.
Images for the XXV Anniversary of the Constitution. Royals
of Atarazanas of Valencia.
2007 private collecting. Ejea Parish Exhibition Hall
of the Knights.
2008 Horacio Silva. Sunshine International Art Museum. Beijing. China
Photograph of painter Galería Colorelefante. Valencia
2009 Nostalgia for the future. Carmen Center Museum. Valencia
2009 Metr@rte. Lametro exhibition hall. Valencia.
2009 The photographic imprint on the new realist painting.
Carmen Center Museum. Valencia
2010 The photographic footprint in the new realistic painting Ibercaja
Courtyard of the Infanta. Saragossa.
2013 The fantastic image. Carmen Center Museum. Valencia.
2016 ESTAMPA Fair (IFEMA, Madrid). Shira Gallery
2017 Feria ESTAMPA (IFEMA, Madrid). Shiras Galería

Art Marbella. Shira Gallery

2018 Feria ESTAMPA (IFEMA, Madrid). Shiras Galería

Madrid Art Fair. Crystal Gallery of the Palacio de Cibeles. Shiras

2019 Madrid Art Fair. Crystal Gallery of the Palacio de Cibeles. Shiras
2020 Madrid Art Fair. Crystal Gallery of the Palacio de Cibeles. Shiras
2021 Madrid Art Fair. Crystal Gallery of the Palacio de Cibeles. Shiras


His work can be found in museums and private collections such as the Santa Bárbara Museum, Reggio Calabria, Italy. Villafames Museum. City Museum, Valencia. Rotterdam Museum. Campione d'Italia Museum, Milan. Salvador Allende Resistance Museum, Chile. Museum of Contemporary Art of Elx. Valencian Institute of Modern Art (l. VAM). MDC Museum of Art + Design, Miami, Florida, USA, IVAM, Bancaja Collection, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Comenge Collection, among others.