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JOSÉ flavor beams

Painter and professor of painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, where he has taught since 1985. In February 2015 opened his new studio in Russafa neighborhood of Valencia: Ultramarine. Creative Workshop.

In January 1988, her first individual exhibition entitled Memory (G. gallery Comte de Valencia). They followed this other individual samples: The liver of stars (gallery Punto, Valencia, 1993), paints (gallery Chrome, Alicante, 1993), paintings (gallery Babel, Murcia, 1995), Journal of shadows (Valencia, study Russafa, 1999), paints (traveling Exhibition promoted by the Generalitat Valenciana in 2000), the look unowned (RENFE, October, 2000), Journal of shadows II (Valencia, Lantern, 2002), December (Gallery la Ribera, Murcia, 2004), Art Fair Miami (January, 2005), Skylight (CAM, Llotgeta, January 2005), paints (Espacio Torrijos, Valencia 2006), If the mountain (Valencia, i Leonarte, May 2006), with the air (Centro del Carmen, Museum of Fine Arts in Valencia, September 2008), Fuga (i Leonarte, October 2008), Blue (Chaston, 2009), further south (IVAM, 2012).

También ha realizado, desde 1982, numerosas exposiciones colectivas y de grupo (Ayuntamientos, Casas de Cultura, museos, bancos, ferias y galerías privadas). Destacan entre ellas Lejos de aquí (en compañía de Rosa Martínez-Artero, Círculo de Bellas Artes de Valencia, 1987), Ocho en Punto (Valencia, galería Punto, 1987), Interarte 1988, Finisecular (Mislata 1989), ARCO (Madrid, 1992), galería Cromo (Alicante, 1992), galería Babel (Murcia, 1992), El pulso de la tierra (Palau de la Música de Valencia, 1993), Independientes desde la academia (galería grupo EFE, Valencia, 1996), Le atendió A. M. (Café Malvarrosa, Valencia, 1997), Arquitecturas imposibles (CAM, Valencia, 1988), Anónimos y farsantes (sala Josep Renau de la facultad de Bellas Artes de Valencia, 1988), La ciutat assetjada (CADE, Universitat de Valencia, 1999), Russafa-Ar-Rusafi (Junta Municipal de Russafa, 2000), Miradas distintas, Distintas miradas (Museo del Siglo XIX, Valencia 2002), Café y Lápiz sobre papel (Linterna, 2003), Arboles para Russafa (Color Elefante, 2003), Pintores de la Reina (Chaston, Valencia 2007), Música sobre papel (Malvarrosa, 2010), Russafart (Valencia, 2010), Miradas sobre la Dehesa y la Albufera (Museo de la Ciudad de Valencia, 2011), Arte para la libertad (Universidad Católica de Valencia, 2011), Un cuadre, un poema, (Café Malvarrosa, Valencia, 2012) Poesía y color (Fundación Chirivella Soriano, Valencia, 2012), etc. Paisajistas en la Antártida (Isla Rey Jorge, 2011) Cartálogo Bicentenario (Santiago de Chile, 2013), Arqueología Industrial de Alcoi (Alcoi, 2015), etc.

Since 1982 he has won numerous awards for painting in different locations in Valencia, his work appearing in various public and private collections. He has illustrated dozens of books (Pre-texts, Tusquets, book club-Galaxia Gutenberg, Visor ...) and magazines (Archipelago, Hispano-American Notebooks ...)

His university activity is not limited to teaching: has directed fifteen doctoral theses, has lectured widely, coordinated cycles, debate sessions, workshops and roundtables, has been part of courts and commissions, it has signed agreements and taught courses at universities foreign, he has directed the Department of Painting of the UPV (1991-1995), and has been part of the research group CIAE (research Center Art and Environment). He has curated about twenty art exhibitions for public and private institutions (Palau de la Música in Valencia, houses of culture, municipal boards, galleries, museums and institutions).

So far it has published the following books: The television advertising image (Chair, collection Sign and Image, Madrid, 1988, with four editions); The liver of stars (Punto, Valencia 1992); Universal History of Art (Ediciones Ocean, Volume XII, painting of the nineteenth century, Barcelona, ​​1995); Construction of nature (in collaboration with José Luis Albelda, collection Art, Aesthetics and Thought, Valencia, 1997); Rhetoric of Painting (in collaboration with Alberto Carrere, Chair, Madrid, 2000); Quince sun. (A film by Victor Erice about the work of the painter Antonio Lopez) (Nau Llibres-Octahedron, Barcelona, ​​2003); Wine evenings and film (coord.) MUVIM, 2008. Flor de sal (Valencia, Pre-texts, 2008), Ways of Walking (UPV, Valencia, 2009), Eternity and a Day (Pre-texts, 2012)

He has also participated in numerous collective books and has written hundreds of articles on art, advertising, film, literature (Cimal, Imatges, OOB, Archipelago, El Viejo Topo, Chimera, Fabrikart), and texts in catalogs of visual arts. For a year he has been restaurant critic for a magazine of Valencia. He has served on the editorial board of the magazine Film The Burrow. From October 2003 to April 2007 he has worked as a columnist with the weekly newspaper ABC, with which supplement Arts & Letters continues to work. Manuel Ramirez runs alongside the collection of art books and literature Matches (Pre-Texts-UPV). It is part of the technical scientific committee of the magazine Myriad Hispanic art and literature in the program Hispanic Studies Program of the University of Virginia.

In February 2015 he was appointed Academician of Painting section, prints and drawings from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Carlos.