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Joseph Turner



Josep Tornero, graduated in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and a doctorate from the University of Murcia. His work addresses the invisible from an approach to the history of images, thus enhancing the idea of ​​return. Thus arises an interest in the transit of the image, its implicit movement and its metamorphosis, capable of returning from different contexts, before the concern of the material element of the work as a symptom, sometimes emitted from the real, or as a centrifugal and disparate movement , emitted from the imaginary.

The artist stands out mainly for his prolific participation in fairs: Arco Madrid, Estampa, Art Madrid, Swab Barcelona, ​​etc. As well as for his latest projects in institutions such as: El Centro del Carmen with his work 'The disappearance of the fireflies', the Museum of the City in Valencia, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Fuente Alamo in Murcia, etc. In addition, it should be noted that his work can be found in numerous private collections, as well as public ones, among which the following stand out: the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Carlos (Valencia), the University of Murcia and the Parliament of La Rioja, among others.