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Jens Gussek - Anna Herrgott - Jesse Magee - Judith Röder - Ibrahim Erdogan


March 2022


This new exhibition, made up of works by artists Jens Gussek, Anna Herrgott, Jesse Magee, Judith Röder and Ibrahim Erdogan, presents the contemporary panorama seen from the functional and conceptual sphere of art through the preservation of the precious, as well as the projection and the elaboration of thoughts and emotions in an ironic and direct way based on the concept of a safe. Tresor opens up to a personal resolution and a staging of glass works combined with other materials that make up and confront the laborious, hard and fragile work of this material. What delightfully invites you to make a transit through the internal space of the artists, in the same way that the pieces were conceived in a material way.

As defined by the curator of the exhibition, Sheila Toledo: Tresor (Safe) in addition to keeping the web of thoughts under the composition of the works in glass, projects the attempt to capture the immateriality of formal language through the effects of the light. The formal and conceptual approaches to glass bring these artists together to link the narrow bridge that exists between the natural, socially and culturally critical works with the traditional and aesthetic that this material offers us in art and architecture. With all this, the works configure through the traditional techniques found in glass new forms in the artistic language that do not leave the viewer indifferent, immersing him in various circumstances of the present through the seduction and aesthetic beauty of glass.

Jens Gussek (1964-Glauchau, Germany), artist and director of the Institute for Glass and Ceramics at the University of Koblenz (Germany), reflects in his works on the theme of memory negotiating between historical reference and everyday experience, as well as bring to the memory of the spectator forgotten events and characters within the sociocultural panorama. Gussek has exhibited in recent years in various centers and galleries on the international scene, such as the Museum of American Glass in New York and the Raplas Center for Contemporary Art in Estonia. In addition to being awarded the International Crystal Prize in Lommel (Belgium) and having works from many foundations and collections: Friedrich Ebert, Alexander Tutsek from Munich, Handwerkskammer Koblenz, etc.

Anna Herrgott (1983-Herrenberg, Germany), is a conceptual artist who reflects on the concept of fiction and beauty through aesthetic, historical, statistical and phenomenological axes. Her work is composed of various artistic media and methods, seeking interaction and introspection from the public. During this last decade, in addition to exhibiting in the great German art capitals: Leipzig, Berlin, Köln, Bremen or Berlin, she has been distinguished with the Art-Art Prize by the Magdeburg Gallery.

Jesse Magee (1981-Urbana, USA), is an artist who has been developing a research work in relation to himself and survival through the concept of "trap". Jesse recreates sculptures in the form of aesthetic traps that lead the viewer to choose consciously and unconsciously whether or not to remain captivated by the mirage of the superficial or resist the seduction of deceptive objects. At the moment he has already made various exhibitions in countries such as Japan, the United States, or the European continent; as well as receiving the Wall 5 Honor Award for Multimedia Art.

Judith Röder (1981-Vulkaneifel, Germany), artist and professor of Ceramic and Glass Arts at the University of Koblenz (Germany), works with events that occur in nature and light. Röder's artistic approach is to record the elemental and material qualities that she immediately perceives in her surroundings. In recent years, she has stood out for numerous individual exhibitions within the Baltic scene, as well as for numerous awards such as: the grant from the Rheinland-Pfalz Ministry and the scholarship by the Alexander Tutsek Foundation in Munich.

Ibrahim Erdogan (1992- Batman, Turkey), an artist with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Florida (USA). His works are characterized by accentuating the sharpness and wateriness of glass through everyday objects that he represents through stories of sociocultural themes, in addition to pointing out the opening between the concrete of the work versus the abstract. Despite his young age, his works have been exhibited in numerous Art Museums and Institutions such as the European Glass Context in Bornholm in Denmark, in New Glass Review' 41 Corning Museum of Glass in the United States and in MASH, Harn Museum of Gallery in Florida.

Recently this project has been selected for the event 'Today is tomorrow' within the organization Valencia World Design Capital 2022


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