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Herbert Egger

(Bad Goisern. Austria-1961)

Herbert Egger, graduate and current professor at the University of Art and Industrial Design of Linz (Austria) has a work characterized, among others, by its facilities; great works that intervene in everyday reality. Abstraction is the fundamental element that characterizes his paintings and installations, making his works imperceptible to the objective reality in which we live.

After his return from China, where he has carried out a recent artistic residency and various exhibitions, Herbert Egger has a great career that precedes him. Likewise, there are numerous exhibitions and installations held in his native country, as well as in foreign countries such as France, Iceland, Iran, Japan and India among others. Exhibitions such as the one held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Isfahan (Iran) or in Iceland, at the 'ART Biennale Fresh Winds'. Added to all this is his participation with Christine Bauer in the Venice Biennale in 2017 with his installation 'Global Home'.