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Gallery of artcontemporary located in the historic center ofValencia. It emerges with the aim of offering an intergenerational proposal oflarge-caliber art, whose speech is complemented by the voice of avant-garde artists.


The Gallery It has two spaces.
Main room:It is committed to a repertoire of established artists of the current scene.
Refuge Area:Exhibition of avant-garde concepts, offering a selection of works by emerging artists of great projection.

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Gallery in Valencia


Shiras gallerywas founded in 2015, under the artistic direction of Sara Joudi. It is located on Vilaragut street, in the historic center of theValencia city, located in a historic building dating from the 40s, next to the Plaza de Rodrigo Botet. Shiras is a member of theConsortium of Contemporary Art Galleries of Spain, Lavaca(Association of Contemporary Art Galleries of the Valencian Community) and the associationValencia Excellence.
It emerges with the aim of offering an intergenerational proposal of high-caliber committed artists, whose discourse is complemented by the voice of more emerging artists.
The gallery has, on the one hand, theMain hall, it celebrates our commitment to contemporary art undertaken by a selected repertoire of established artists within the current scene. On the other hand, we have ourShelter spaceOnce built as a war shelter, this intimate and secluded room, safeguarded by wide exposed brick walls, offers an exhibition space for avant-garde concepts, ephemeral installations, and launches for a selection of high-profile emerging artists. On occasions, the works of permanent artists or works from gallery holdings are also exhibited.