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Nuria Rodríguez


April, 2021 - June 2021


Nuria Rodríguez

On April 22, Shiras Galería inaugurates “Antípodas” the new project by the Valencian artist Nuria Rodríguez (Valencia-1965). As the artistic director Sara Joudi emphasizes: “After the success of her previous exhibition 'Random Chronicles', presented in 2017 in the Main Hall, it was only a matter of time to pick up the baton that the artist left to take it to her maximum exponent through a plastic journey of painting, drawing, sculpture and installation. "

'Antípodas' is presented as a desire to make visible the discoveries, the adventures and the chance of an imagined place and totally opposite to the one we inhabit at the moment. All this as a visual collection of objects, images and curiosities that the artist transforms and remakes in search of new locations and a constant dialogue with which to find new meanings. Nuria herself defines this project as a preparation prior to the beginning of the creative journey, where an amalgam of failure and chance forms a recognizable portrait of images of what is thought and what is painted.

Likewise, for the exhibition Shiras Galería has published a catalog with the collaboration of the writer and essayist Grassa Toro who describes 'Antípodas' as: “A geolocation, the place on earth where Nuria Rodríguez and her work are now found. I am here, she says, Nuria, on this rock, this light, this spot of color, this image of a bird. I am here, among these fragments of texts, these names of things, this fluttering. End. It does not say: I am like that, it does not even say: the world is like that; we only hear the rhythm of an affirmation (breathing) that has been repeating for years: I am here. And here is always another place ”.

Doctor in Fine Arts, graduated in Industrial Design from the Valencia School of Design and professor at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Nuria Rodríguez has an extensive career both on the national and international scene and won the Senyera Prize for Visual Arts in 2018. It is also worth highlighting important institutional projects such as: 'Sistema Humboldt' carried out in 2020 at the Centro Cultural La NAU and 'Atlas Naturae: White Island' recently exhibited at the IVAM Cada, Alcoi (Valencian Institute of Modern Art). As well as the critics and writers who have commented on his work, among which are: Ricardo Forriols, Román de la Calle, Inmaculada Corcho Gómez, Jaime Güemes, Sandra Rebok and Álvaro de los Ángeles among many others.

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