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Horacio Silva

Intro-versions II

November 2022

About the process.

My paintings emerge on the canvas, on many occasions, without having preconceived ideas. The process, in my work, resembles that of the sculptor, in the sense of gradually covering or stripping the painting of what is left over to reveal what is most intimate, what is most interesting, what makes the work throb.

There are moments when painting manifests itself as the director of the work itself, the artist assuming the role of performer, that is a magical moment, it is the moment to let oneself be carried away, by the patterns marked by strange impulses that, without offering resistance, go following faithfully, making the work develop little by little, until it takes on a life of its own.

About the concept.

On some occasions, my work is based on the atomization of iconographic elements, interrelated, forming a whole, it is then that the painting is presented as a cosmos composed of forms based on nature: rocks, stones, soil, minerals and things that they live among themselves, and that I use as a starting point for the elaboration of my paintings. Other times, objects related to my personal or daily environment appear in my work, through which I try to convey, on many occasions, stories of an intimate nature, inviting the viewer as a witness to observe a personal space where a dialogue between the painter has previously been established. and paint.

The conscious and the unconscious or the strange and the recognizable, the resulting image is perceived as something accessible and at the same time offers resistance to identification, giving multiple possibilities to the

In short, my intention is to catch the viewer with the idea that he or she is looking at a contemporary description of something timeless.

Horace Silva