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Rosa Torres


Febrero, 2021

Rosa Torres will present '70-21', an authentic comparison spanning more than 40 years of artistic history where an evolutionary dialogue of formalist and chromatic characteristics can be glimpsed through their distinguished languages. The artist, from her beginnings together with Equipo Crónica, was marked by a recognized and personal style in accordance with the monographic visual stamp of landscape, one of the main axes of her career that has defined exorbitant limits, delimiting natural forms from abstraction to the most extreme synthesis, with a reduced and determined vision in search of extracting the essence of reality. As she herself states: «The most interesting thing is not the landscape itself, but the interpretation it makes of the image, its composition of shapes, colours, lines and layers».


Rosa Torres has an extensive and distinguished career, being the first woman to participate representing Spain in the 1982 Venice Biennale, in addition to having more than 250 exhibitions, as well as a large presence in numerous museums and collections such as: Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid, Albertina Gabinete Stampa Museum in Vienna, IVAM (Modern Institute of Valencian Art), Antonio Pérez Foundation in Cuenca, Duchess of Alba Collection, Vila Casas Collection, among others. Her last public appearance was recently at the Centro del Carmen in Valencia where she developed a protest act of artistic authorship through an installation that caused a great impact in the media. It is also worth noting those highly prestigious critics who have written about the artist's work, such as: Fernando Huici, Luís González Robles, Román de la Calle, Francesc Miralles, José Carlos Suárez, Martí Domínguez, Alfonso De La Torre, Juan Manuel Bonet, JF Ivars, among many others.