What kind of audience usually go to contemporary art fairs?

Anyone with sensitivity to art, a collector, sporadic buyer, artist or student, could be the profile of a visitor of an art fair, that is, all those who are interested in knowing in depth now and artistic works artists from around the world would be the ideal place to visit a contemporary art fair candidate.

  1. Plan your visit: If you have the time and desire to spend a day enjoying art, do not hesitate to plan your trip to Madrid these days and organize your schedule to get the next take and to have an enriching personal experience.
    If only you have a single day for the visit, considering that any art fair usually many stands, and it is very difficult to visit them all and enjoy the visit without having the feeling of being in a marathon, you should first take clearly you want to visit spaces and artists interest you, if you make a list would be much better, so once inside the fair can program your own route.


  1. Make a selection of proposals: If you are a collector, or you are starting in collecting, you need to know that stands offer more proposals related to you. It will always be prior consultation enriching a visit to the gallery, as it will be offered to visitors additional and personalized information.


  1. Inform the program of activities: It is important to look typically offer additional activities fairs (conferences, lectures, guided tours, etc ..) is very rewarding to go at least one activity.
    The fact schedule visits should not constrict the visitor, you need to let go and enjoy the works that transmit and communicate, that is the essence of this type of activity.
    If you are a collector or you're starting in collecting, and have little time, you need to let intuition to work, scheduling visits, dialogue with artists, gallery owners and art directors.
    Always the final decision is yours, regardless of other circumstances, it is very beautiful that moment when you buy a work of art is a difficult feeling to express, that work that caught your attention so many passes now to join your space, and your existence.


  1. Open up to people: Interact with the staff of the stands if you have any questions, if someone presents a curator or organizer do not hesitate to ask your questions.
    An art fair is an ideal place to establish a closer and more direct relationship with artists, journalists, curators, gallery owners and art lovers environment.


If you have scheduled a visit to Madrid in his art week, feel free to include us on your agenda, A8 in Art Madrid and 17 in Drawing Room.

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